What a Road to Wrestlemania this has been so far. We have seen the return of The Undertaker, Triple H, Christian, The Rock, Stone Cold and JBL. I don't think that the WWE has had this much excitement or electricity going through it for years. With these returns, we have also seen some great promos, including The Rock calling out John Cena and Stone Cold on this past Raw.

It seems that when these guys get on the mic or come to the ring, the "PG era" does not affect the. This is not a bad thing, as I am against the PG Era anyway, but the point is that the WWE is letting these superstars do what they want in an anti PG way, and guess what? It is working. The WWE fans absolutely love what is going on right now in the WWE.


What does this mean for the PG era?

Well, we will have to wait and see. There has been many anti PG messages so far, such as The Rock using his patented catch phrases and Stone Cold showing off his great entrance with the return of his FU fingers (Don't know how else to word that). I do not know about you, but I get an enjoyment out of seeing these superstars return and not having to abide by the PG rules.

Whether or not this means the PG era is coming to an end or not is a question that cannot be answered right now. Personally, I don not think it is over. I think the WWE is just letting them do what they want up to Wrestlemania, and after the "Biggest Show of the Year", it will be back to normal.

Well, Bleachers, I want to hear your opinions. Do you think the PG era is coming to an end? Do you want it to end? What do you think about the big returns?

Thanks for reading.